All About the NASA SEWP Programs


VIT was selected by NASA for the NASA SEWP V (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs). Contracts were signed on April 3, 2015. For more information contact us at

Fair Opportunity: FAR 16.505(b) (1) provides that each contractor shall be given fair opportunity to be considered for each order exceeding $3,000 and issued under multiple award contracts. The FAR states that the method to obtain fair opportunity is at the discretion of the CO and that the CO must document the rationale for placement and price of each order.

The SEWP online RFI/RFQ tool is the recommended method to assist in this activity and to augment the required decision documentation. The search capability provides a summary comparison of the requirements based on part numbers. The SEWP RFI/RFQ tool will automatically include the Contract Holders within a selected Group or based on a suggested source.

Note: Fair opportunity to all contract holders within one or more SEWP groups is required. There is no requirement to obtain 3 quotes as long as all contract holders within a group were provided the opportunity to provide a quote. • Fair Opportunity When Using SEWP Contracts
• SEWP V Home Page:
• Memorandum of Agreement from DoD regarding using SEWP:

SEWP customer help desk: 301-286-1478,

SEWP Ordering

SEWP Contract #NNG15SD41B
VIT Ordering Guide

Information regarding the processing of orders is found at the NASA SEWP website here.

Pricing: Due to the dynamic nature of the product offerings on the SEWP V contract, agencies seeking to obtain pricing information and product availability are advised to use the quote request tool and/or the quick RFI tool.

Fee: 0.34%
Shipping and Handling Policy: Free standard ground shipping for CONUS orders over $1,500. Does not include UPS or Rack delivery.

VIT POC’s for SEWP Orders


Program Management Office POCs:

  • Program Manger: Stan Routt (270-735-7896,
  • Deputy Program Manager: Diane Leroy (562-298-4240,
  • Accounting: Dena Pollard (719-394-4237,